Is the memory of the fish 5 seconds?

Allegation People with weak memories are called “fish memories”, because fish have 4-5 seconds of memory. Then they forget everything.

Really ?

is it fake

Real What?

Fish, like all other animals, have a memory capacity long enough for them, which cannot be measured in seconds of any kind. Fish have memories that can last from months to years, and it is not possible to mention a single common number that can apply to all fish.

Origin of the Claim

Every living thing with a brain and nervous system has a certain intelligence, perception, emotions, memory and consciousness. Although the amount of this varies from species to species, each animal has a value on a certain scale. Therefore, this kind of myths arises as a result of the evaluation and judgment of some animals that are fed as pets. However, all of these issues require detailed scientific research and background.


For a long time, there was a myth that the memory of Japanese Fishes ranged from 3 to 5 seconds. Technion Institute of Technology experts who do not find this right and suspect this claim decided to do a research on Goldfish. They conditioned the fish in such a way that they would think that food would be given when a certain sound was given. According to this condition, every time a certain level of sound was played, the fish in their natural environment came to the research center pier to find food. In this way, after 1 month of training they released into their natural environment. After 4-5 months, the fish matured and reached the breeding age. After this time the sound was played again, the fish could return to the base again. So we are sure that these fish have at least 4-5 months of memory.

Dr. As a result of his research, Mike Webster’s solutions to the problems encountered in the worm, spiny fish and similar fish, such as mice, mammals and even some birds have been found to be as successful. It is known that these fish can solve labyrinths, recognize other fish of their species, remember and distinguish new fishes introduced, and even determine which individuals may be more successful in natural control. All this can be achieved with high memory and perception skills.

Fish can not only have a mental (nervous) memory, but also have a chemical memory, which can provide superiority to other animals. For example, the scent memory found in salmon can allow them to remember the exact location of a scent in the geometric space, close to error, and find it again. In this way, salmon fish can only travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers, relying on their memory.

Try it at home!

If you need to mention something familiar to those who have an aquarium at home, the fish can keep their meal times in mind as long as they are given regularly, and when the time comes, they can go out to the surface of the aquarium and look for food. In addition, because you constantly feed in the same way (crossing the aquarium, opening the lid of the feed, opening the lid of the aquarium, if any, throwing the feed and watching the fish eat), every time you pass in front of the aquarium, the fish come to the surface, even if you do not feed. This is a beautiful “home experiment” which shows that fish are conditioned and remembered as other animals.

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