Most Known Aquarium Fish

Aquariums attract the attention of many people both because of the peaceful appearance they add to their environment and the fact that they are an enjoyable hobby to deal with. However, you need to have enough money and time to live a healthy and long life in the aquarium. An aquarium that has been left uncared for should not turn into grind for the fish that inhabit it.

A quality filter system, a heater to help you adjust the water temperature to suit the types of fish you choose, a background decor, sand and stones for floor decoration, a bottom broom and a strainer to catch your fish to prevent the bacteria produced by the fish, in the first place is among the most important materials.

If you want to create a mixed aquarium, you should consider whether the fish you choose can live together and let’s go to our list of the most popular fish species.

# 1 Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

These beautiful fish of Asian origin are both carnivorous and herbivorous. They also have a peaceful structure. They can grow up to 20 cm, the water temperature they need is between 18-24 degrees.

# 2 Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Lepistesler barışçıl yapıda olmaları ve kolay üretilmeleri nedeniyle akvaryum balıkları arasında epey popülerdir. Dişiler 6 cm, erkekler 3 cm boyutlarında olur. İhtiyaç duydukları su sıcaklığı 25-28 derece arasıdır.

# 3 Beta fish (Betta splendens)

Beta fish, also known as brawler siamese fish, has many subtypes of various colors and structures. It is carnivorous, easy to care for, aggressive to its own species. The water temperature it needs is between 25-27 degrees.

# 4 Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii)

Both carnivorous and herbivorous fish, these fish live in harmony with other fish, although the dominant men of their species, disturb other men. The length of the tail is 10-12 cm. The water temperature they need is 20-28 degrees.

# 5 Plati (Xiphophorus maculatus)

Platies are fish that add vitality to the aquarium with their red colors. These fish, which are fed with dry feed and algae in the aquarium, are peaceful structures. Females are 6 cm and males are 5 cm tall. The water temperature they need is between 20-26 degrees.

# 6 Angel (Pterophyllum scalare)

Angel fish feed on both carnivorous and herbivorous. Moderately aggressive, these fish are safe for fish that cannot swallow. Angel water can reach up to 10 cm in size and the water temperature required is between 24-30 degrees.

# 7 Scavenger fish (Corydoras)

The scavenger fish is renowned for its false knowledge that it removes dirt from the bottom of the aquarium. Actually, they don’t eat debris on the bottom, they eat bait. Both carnivorous and herbivorous water temperature of these fish is between 24-28 degrees.

# 8 Neon tetra (Paracheirodon inn)

Tetras, one of the most popular fish species, are carnivorous and have a peaceful structure. They reach a maximum length of 4 cm. The water temperature they need is between 20-25 degrees.

# 9 Yellow princess (Labidochromis caeruleus)

Both carnivorous and herbivorous are nourished and peaceful species, but can become aggressive during reproduction. It is frequently preferred by beginners to the aquarium because it is easy to maintain. The yellow princess, which can reach 10 cm in length, needs water temperature between 23-28 degrees.

# 10 Black moli (Poecilia sphenops)

Although there are some conflicts during the breeding period, it is generally a peaceful species of fish. Mostly herbal nutrition. The water temperature it needs is between 22-30 degrees.

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